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Recruitment of distributors throughout the country

Label:Rotary drilling tool

After the decision of the company's shareholders'meeting and the management committee, we will open up to distributors all over the country. We welcome friends from the industry to negotiate business and better serve our customers.
The company produces and sells products as follows:
1. Rotary drilling rig drill pipe series: machine lock rod and friction rod;
2. Rotary drill bit series: drill bits of various specifications and models can be customized according to customer design requirements;
3. Rotary drilling rig drill teeth series: all kinds of special bucket teeth and pick for rotary drilling rigs;
4. Rotary drilling rig wire rope: Rotary and non-rotary wire rope for various specifications of rotary drilling rig;
5. Long screw drilling rig series: DN400, DN500, DN600, DN800, DN1000 drill pipe, drill bit.